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Weekly Conversations

Insight NOW! is a group of prophetic and apostolic leaders who work as Christian consultants. Whether locally or internationally, we exist to bring light and insight to what God is doing in the world, the marketplace, and the church. Christian advisors Mark Crawford, Chris Bassett, Malvina Laudicina, and Peter DeWitt founded Insight NOW!

Join us Tuesdays at 5pm Pacific Time live on Facebook and YouTube for our weekly conversations where we discuss our world from a heavenly perspective.

Find our podcast on your favorite player below.

Christian Counseling, Insight NOW, Prophetic Consulting,
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Life of A Seer Series

Discover and develop your gift as a seer with Malvina Laudicina and Mark Crawford with special guests.

This series covers:

  • What is a seer
  • Why they matter
  • God’s perspective
  • Profile of a Seer
  • The healthy seer
  • Prophets and seer’s
  • How to raise a seer
  • Biblical examples


  • Divination versus real revelation
  • Creativity and the seer
  • Dreams and Visions
  • Rebellion, addiction, medications Suicide
  • How to be functional
  • Approaching the world

Homemade Family

Find wisdom and inspiration for the family as Nathanael and Amy White, along with special guests, discuss a wide range of topics for the sake of growing a Kingdom-minded Family. This series is not currently livestreaming, but the content is amazing!!

This series covers:

  • Marriage Health
  • Parenting
  • Homeschooling
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Spiritual Identity
  • Fatherhood
  • Motherhood
  • etc.

About Us

Christian Counseling, Insight NOW, Prophetic Consulting,

Our History

In 2010 Mark Crawford was asked a question that began a Spirit-led journey that would open the doors for prophetic voices across the globe: “If there was anything you could build, what would it be?” Without hesitation, Mark responded, “A company of prophets.” Surprised by his statement the idea began to take shape. Through the unveiling of the Holy Spirit, Mark, Peter, and Chris connected to begin to discover all that these visions could become. In April of 2016 they gathered in Sandpoint, Idaho to begin to layout the powerful vision of a company of Prophets.

Our Vision

Insight Now! is a company of prophets focused on bringing Kingdom impact to every area of society. It is not about one prophet or one person. It is about a group of prophets and prophetic people who transform people, organizations, and nations by providing new perspectives. As part of a relational, prophetic community, you don’t have to be a stand-alone superstar. You can partner with other like-minded prophets who know your sphere like you do. You will be connected, encouraged, and equipped – to step into what God has made you to do!

Our Services


Using technology, conferences, and relationships, we provide prophets with a network that will expand their influence through capacity and access.


We provide clients in all spheres of influence with tremendous value through providing new perspectives, ideas, and Spirit-led creativity to unleash Kingdom potential.

Writing | Presenting

Working collaboratively, we capture promising new perspectives in an industry specific manner that provides lasting impact. From webinars to seminars we can help.

The Team

Mark Crawford

Mark Crawford


Mark Crawford is an author, teacher, and gifted communicator. He operates in a consultant role to churches, business, and individuals helping to transition people into a kingdom viewpoint and experience. 

You can reach Mark at the following email:

Peter DeWitt

Peter DeWitt


Peter DeWitt is an educational coach, organizational leader, motivational speaker, persistent researcher, and opportunistic visionary. 

Chris Bassett

Chris Bassett


Visionary church and business leader, Chris is passionate about seeing people and organizations develop into all that God has called them to be.

You can reach Chris at the following email:


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