2018 is a Year of Convergence

Convergence is where different streams, different things come together to form one new thing – a unified entity.

I had a vision of a jigsaw puzzle in pieces and spread across a room. Then suddenly out of nowhere the pieces by themselves started to rise up and move towards other pieces.  The whole picture began to take place as the pieces came together. ~ Mark Crawford

Convergence in the Body of Christ

The Orthodox stream, the Evangelical, and the Pentecostal streams will make GREAT inroads into unity this coming year. God is going to be bringing different streams within the Body of Christ together for action. Through strategic high-level relationships, God is going to establish new levels of person-to-person trust within the body of Christ.  Believers are going to find that different streams are more miscible than they had previously suspected.

As such, there will be a greater display of the unity of the body through relationship than ever before. The previous animosity will be buried for good and there will be a greater display between leaders of the unity of the Spirit. Walls will come down in 2018. Relationships will be healed – replacing disconnection with a connection.

Convergence in the Marketplace

This convergence will also be between heaven and the broader “marketplace”.  The Body of Christ will continue to see their role in places like industry, schools, governments, social media, homes, churches and social services more and more from heaven’s perspective. This will have far-reaching impacts across the globe. The convergence of the kingdom in these locations will also begin to transform our cities and regions through impacting every part of the structures of society. As the Body steps further into this vision, we will be awakened to the flow of the Spirit converging in the marketplace and we will see the atmospheres shift as we release heaven on earth.

God is bringing together arenas that have been seemingly unrelated. The decentralization of many industries is opening the door for a convergence of Kingdom leadership, service, governance throughout the culture. People can achieve high-levels of influence, not through the traditional models, but instead according to the vision of heaven for that industry. When heaven and earth converge in 2018, we will see an outpouring of His Spirit and the spiritual climate shift wherever we are located.

Prophetic Convergence

This will be a time where things come together; plans come together; dreams are activated. God is going to be bringing different prophetic words from your past together for action in 2018. Like the different streams within the body of Christ, words that formerly seemed separate from each other are going to become inseparable!  A vision of the manifold wisdom of God’s plan for your life is becoming more clear as these prophecies piece together.

So this is a time to dust off the plans of the past, pick up the prophetic words once again and begin to once again ask the Partner what you need to do. This will require a certain degree of humility; where people have buried plans or admitted defeat or walked away from something or didn’t realize the timing. It is a time of resurrection, bringing back to life things that had died.

Strategically, there is going to be a domino effect as these prophecies come together and the Lord is saying “first things first”.  Strategic starting points are going to allow early tipping points for these personal convergence activities in 2018. As you discern “first things” remember that like a confluence of a river, convergence brings increased power and resources … you may discover that not everything you thought you had to do on your own needs accomplished because convergence is going to supply it!

A Season of Acceleration

Things previously attempted that have been thwarted with many obstacles will actually happen in 2018. Dormant seed once again will sprout and quickly come to harvest.  “‘Behold, the days are coming,’ says the Lord, ‘When the plowman shall overtake the reaper, And the treader of grapes him who sows seed; The mountains shall drip with sweet wine, And all the hills shall flow with it.’” (Amos 9:13)

It’s going to be a busy time. This truly is now a time that has been previously prophesied – a time of acceleration; where the holy spirit causes things to happen in an accelerated manner.  What previously took years will take months, months into weeks, weeks into days and days into hours.

This word is from the Directors of Insight NOW!